ARTICLE 1 – Application
The present Terms and Conditions of Sale apply, without limitation or reservation, to any purchase of services, referred to as “the Services”, offered by EUROGIL using the corporate brand GUESTS EVENTS, hereafter referred to as “the Provider”, to non professional clients, referred to as “the Clients” or “the Client”, on its website: /.

EUROGIL is a Limited Liability Company with a share capital of € 2000, registered at BOBIGNY Register of Companies under the number 534 752 068 00021, which head office is located 33 rue des chardonnerets in Tremblay en France (93290) (France).

Main features of the events and Services offered by the Provider are detailed on the website /

The Client is required to acknowledge these features before placing any order. The Client accepts the sole responsibility of the choice and purchase of any Service.

The Provider may be contacted using the details set out below:
GuestsEvents by EUROGIL
Micropark Bâtiment E
33 avenue des Chardonnerets
93290 Tremblay en France
Tél. +33 6 66 03 03 23

The present Terms and Conditions apply excluding any other terms and conditions, in particular those that apply to other marketing networks of the Services.

The present Terms and Conditions of Sale are accessible at any time on the website referred to above, and will prevail, if necessary, on any prior version or any conflicting document. Unless proved otherwise, data recorded in the Provider’s computer system provides proof of every agreement entered into with the Client.

According to the French law regarding privacy (“Informatique et Libertés” law issued on January 6th 1978), the Client is entitled at any time to an access, modification and objection right of all his personal data, by writing directly to the postal address provided above, with proof of his identity.

The Client declares to have acknowledged the present Terms and Conditions of Sale and accepted it by ticking the box provided for that purpose before applying the online order procedure, as well as the Terms and Conditions of the website: /.

The present Terms and Conditions of Sale might be amended. The version applying to a Client’s purchase will be the one in force on the website the day the order is placed.

ARTICLE 2 – Orders
On the website, the Client selects the Services he wants to order, according to the following procedure:
Choose the products and extras and confirm the basket,
Fill-out the fields regarding the Client,
Accept the Terms and Conditions,
Choose the method of payment,
Use secured payment via Weezevent,
Confirm the order.

The Client is responsible for providing correct information during the order and reporting immediately any error.
The Services sale will be final only after the Provider sends an electronic mail to the Client, confirming the order is accepted.
Orders placed through the website constitute a distance contract entered into between the Client and the Provider.

ARTICLE 3 – Prices
The Services are offered by the Provider at the prices in force on the website / at the moment the Provider registers the order. Prices are expressed in Euros, for both prices excluding and including taxes.
Prices take into account any discount that the Provider might offer or agree to on the website /.

Prices are firm and can not be revised during their validity period such as specified on the website /. The Provider reserves the right, out of the validity period, to modify the prices at any moment.
The Provider draws up an invoice and gives it to the Client when providing the Services ordered.

ARTICLE 4 – Terms of payment
The price must be paid cash and entirely the day the Client places the order, by secured payment, according to the procedure provided in Article 2 “Orders” above:
by credit card,
by cheques,
by bank transfer.

Any payment by cheque must be issued by a Bank with its place of business located in either mainland France or Monaco.

When paying by cheque or bank transfer, the Client must beforehand send an email to: contact@guestsevents.fr, giving every personal contact details. The Provider will send back the Client an email with all payment instructions.
The Client may also ask for a payment schedule for 2 type of Passes such as described on the website /. Only a maximum of two payment terms will be allowed.

Cheques are sent to collection as soon as received.
In case of payment schedule, the whole price must be paid a month before the Services ordered is provided. If not, the Provider will not be bound anymore to provide the Services ordered by the Client.

Payments made by the Client are considered as final after effective collection of all amounts owed to the Provider.

In case the terms of payment stated above are not complied with, the Provider reserves the right to suspend or cancel the provision of the Services ordered by the Client and/or to suspend the fulfillment of its obligations.No additional costs, exceeding costs paid by the Provider when using one of the payment methods, will be charged to the Client.

ARTICLE 5 – Provision of Services
The Services ordered by the Client will be provided at the date of the ordered event and under the conditions set out in the Service’s description published on the website /.

MINORS under AGE OF 16 MUST BE accompanied by a person of majority age equipped WITH his OWN PASS. Otherwise, access will be denied to them. Access to meeting-rooms and Cocktail Party can only be sold to Clients with a Pass.
The Provider reserves the right to eject immediately a Client, without refund, in any case of aggressive behaviour or abusive sentiments expressed against guests, staff members or other attendees.
When buying a two days Pass, the Client is required to attend both days. The Client can not ask for reimbursement if he doesn’t attend the precise moment when the ordered extra takes place.

The Provider commits itself to making its best efforts to provide the Services ordered by the Client at the date appointed. In case the event has to be postponed to a later date, tickets will automatically be transferred to the new date.
If the event doesn’t take place at the date appointed at the time of the order or at the postponed date, for any other reason than an Act of God, such as the actors being unavailable, or than the act of the Client, resolution of the sale may be asked for in written request by the Client, under the conditions specified in articles L 138-2 and L 138-3 of the French Consumer Code. In such case, amounts already paid by the Client will be refunded at the latest fourteen days after the termination of the contract, without any compensation or deduction.
If the event is cancelled, the Client will have a refund for the amount paid but won’t be entitled to ask for any kind of complementary compensation.

ARTICLE 6 – Right to withdraw
The right to withdraw is not applied to ticketing purchase for an event with specifical dates.

ARTICLE 7 – Liability of the Provider – Warranties
According to the French law and with no additional cost, the Provider guarantees the Client that the event will take place as described on the website /.
The schedule of the convention might be amended at any time or undergo cancellations for some external reasons beyond the control of the Provider.
The Client is informed that the list of actors mentioned by the event description is not final and doesn’t bind the Provider. This list might be amended according the actors’ availability, because of their professional commitments. The Provider will not be liable if one or several actors are cancelled.

In case of modification of one or several actors, extras purchased by the Client will automatically be allocated to the replacing actors. The modification of the list for one or several actors will not lead to any repayment of the price. If the actor is not replaced, you will have a credit of the amount of your purchase to use the day of the event.

Travel and accommodation costs will be supported by the Client. If the event is postponed, changes its location or is cancelled, for some external reasons beyond the control of the Provider, the Provider will not be bound to repay such costs incured by the Client.

The property developer and the person in charge of the premises will not be held responsible for any loss, injury or damages suffered during the convention.
The website / includes links to third-party websites unrelated to the Provider and that are not controlled by the Provider. The Provider has no liability regarding those websites.

ARTICLE 8 – Obligations of the Client
When attending an event, the Client commits to respect all conditions stated below. If not, the Provider will be entitled to eject the Client immediately. In such case, not refund of the price will be made.

8.1. Tickets and Passes
When purchasing the Service, the Client must provide his personal contact details and those of any person on behalf of which the purchase is made. Tickets and Passes are nontransferable. Only the Client whose name is on the ticket or on the Pass can attend the event. If the Client does not attend the event, the Provider won’t give any refund.
Tickets and Passes are to be collected the day of the event or the day before, except for any contradictory announcement made beforehand from the Provider to the Client. The Client will necessarily provide an identification including a photo and purchase documents related to the Service. In case of a group purchase, the Client pointed out at the time of the order will be entitled to collect tickets and Passes for other members of the group.
Tickets and Passes resale is strictly forbidden.
The Provider will give the Client an envelope holding a badge and all Services purchased. It is mandatory to wear the badge during the entire event.

8.2 Seats allocation
The Provider allocates the seats to the Clients from the day the whole Service price is received, and in booking order. The Clients are only authorized to exchange seats within the same Pass category and the same row initially given by the Provider.

8.3. Cameras and filming
Cameras are authorized during the event only under the conditions and restrictions below:
Shooting time authorized by the Provider,
Using compact digital cameras only,
Using flash is only authorized during the first 5 minutes of the event,
Forbidden to use cameras with a lens over 18-55 mm (0,71-2,17 inches),
Forbidden to record during the Q&A (Questions & Answers),
Forbidden to take pictures or record during autographs and photo shoots sessions (including using a cellular, video camera, …) and during meeting-rooms, the Cocktail Party and the VIP diner.

8.4. Autographs and Photoshoots
Once all guests are announced, the Client will receive an email in order to choose photo shoots and autographs ordered with the Pass. The client is informed that these extras are in limited number for each guest and will be allocated in booking order of Passes.
Autographs and photo shoots are sold at the price given on the website / and will only be available to Clients with a Pass.
The Client is informed that, according to Article 7 of the present Terms and Conditions, the Provider can not be held responsible if an autograph or a photo shoot is not achieved in case the Client doesn’t appear when called to do so.
The Provider can not be held responsible for the Client’s photo shoot result (such as closed eyes, …).

8.5. Gifts
No gift will be given to the guests during the Q&A and the photo shoots sessions.
Gifts can only be given to the guests during the autograph sessions.

ARTICLE 9- Privacy
According to the French law number 78-17 issued on January 6th 1978, it is reminded that personal data required from the Client are necessary, in particular to process his order and to cut the invoice.
This data might be communicated to the Provider’s partners in charge of executing, processing, managing and paying the orders.
Data processing through the website / has been declared to the French board which enforces law on data protection (the “CNIL”). According to the French and European laws in force, the Client has a permanent right of access, modification, correction and objection on his personal data.
This right can be exercised under the conditions and methods specified on the website /.

ARTICLE 10 – Intellectual property
The content of the website / is property of the Provider and its partners and is protected by the French and international laws regarding intellectual property.
Any total or partial reproduction of this content is strictly forbidden and may constitute forgery.
The Provider remains the owner of all intellectual property rights over photographs, presentations, studies, designs, models, prototypes, … made (including at the request of the Client) in order to provide the Services to the Client. The Client is therefore forbidden to reproduce or exploit aforementioned presentations, studies, designs, models, prototypes,… without the express consent, preliminary given in written, by the Provider, who may impose a financial counterpart as a condition.
When attending an event, the Client accepts that his image may appear on photographs and recordings that the Provider may use for advertising or commercial purposes.

ARTICLE 11 – Applicable law – Language
The present Terms and Conditions of Sale and every transaction ensuing from it are governed and construed in accordance with the French law.
The present Terms and Conditions of Sale are written in French language. In case of one or several translations in other languages, only the French document would be considered as evidence.

ARTICLE 12 – Litigation
Any litigation that may rise in relation to any purchase or sale transaction made according to the present Terms and Conditions of Sale, regarding their validity, interpretation, fulfillment, termination, consequences and continuation, and which could not be resolved directly between the Client and the Provider, will be subject to the court of competent jurisdiction under the common law conditions.

The Client is informed that, in case of protest, he’s always entitled to go to conventional mediation, in particular with the French Consumer Mediation Commission (Commission de la médiation de la consommation, according to article L 534-7 of the French Consumer Code) or any alternative dispute resolution (such as conciliation).

ARTICLE 13 – Pre-contractual information – Client’s acceptance
The Client acknowledges he has been furnished with the present Terms and Conditions of Sale and with any information and data mentioned in articles L 111-1 to L 111-7 of the French Consumer Code, before placing his order and in a legible and apprehensible way, and in particular:

Essential features of the Product, regarding the communication material and the said Product,
The price of the Products and fringe expenses,
If the contract is not immediately carried out, the date and the time limit within which the Provider pledges to provide the Service,
Any information regarding the Provider, including its post and email address details, its telephone numbers, and its activities, if such information doesn’t stand out,
Any information regarding legal and contractual warranties and details of their implementation,
Functionalities of the digital content and, if necessary, its interoperability,
The fact the Client may go to conventional mediation in case of litigation,
Any information regarding the right to withdraw (existence, conditions, time limit, manners for doing so and withdrawal form), the costs of return of Products, the end of contract terms and any other important contractual conditions.

Any person (or institution) placing an order on the website / automatically subscribes to and fully agrees with the present Terms and Conditions of Sale. The Client expressly acknowledges the statements above and renounces, in particular, to pride himself on any contradictory document, which could not be opposed to the Provider.

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